Der Mangaka Noriyuki Konishi, bekannt für Yo-kai Watch, hat einen neuen Manga namens Abikore gestartet. Der Manga ist auf der Website des Verlags Shogakukan, Coro Coro Online, erhältlich. Die Handlung dreht sich um einen Außerirdischen namens Yoden, der mit einer Werkzeug namens „Ability Gun“ auf die Erde kommt, das lebenden Kreaturen besondere Kräfte verleihen kann. Die Manga-Serie wurde im Dezember 2022 beendet und wird nun in den Magazinen Coro Coro Ichiban! und Bessatsu Coro Coro Comics von Shogakukan fortgesetzt. Viz Media’s Perfect Square Verlag veröffentlicht den Yo-kai Watch Manga seit September 2015 in Nordamerika. Die neueste Anime-Serie der Yo-kai Watch Franchise, mit dem Titel Yōkai Watch ♪, startete im April 2021. Zur Franchise gehören auch ein Kompilationsfilm namens Yo-kai Watch ♪ Keita to Orecchi no Deiai-hen da Nyan ♪ Wa, Watashi mo~ ♪♪ und eine spezielle Anime-Ausgabe namens Yo-kai Watch ♪ Jibanyan VS Komasan Monge Daikessen da Nyan. Das Spieleentwicklungsunternehmen Level-5 kündigte die Yo-kai Watch Franchise im Jahr 2011 an und begann mit einem Spiel, Manga und Anime.

Community Reactions and Official Responses

The release of Noriyuki Konishi’s manga „Abikore“ and the continued success of the Yo-kai Watch franchise have garnered significant attention from fans and the community alike.

Fans of Noriyuki Konishi, who have been following his work on Yo-kai Watch, are eagerly anticipating this new manga. They are excited to see how Konishi will explore new themes and introduce fresh characters in „Abikore.“ Social media platforms and online forums are buzzing with discussions and speculation about the storyline and potential connections to the Yo-kai Watch universe.

The community is also closely following the developments of the Yo-kai Watch franchise. The manga and anime adaptations, as well as the video games, have built a loyal and dedicated fan base over the years. Fans of all ages appreciate the franchise’s blend of humor, supernatural elements, and endearing characters.

Official responses to the release of „Abikore“ and the continued success of Yo-kai Watch have been positive. Shogakukan, the publisher of „Abikore,“ has shown confidence in Noriyuki Konishi’s abilities and has chosen to feature the manga in multiple magazines. This demonstrates their belief in the potential of the series and its ability to attract a wide audience.

Level-5, the game developer behind Yo-kai Watch, is also pleased with the franchise’s ongoing success. The company recognizes the impact that the series has had on popular culture, both in Japan and internationally. They continue to work on new projects and collaborations to keep the momentum going.


Noriyuki Konishi’s new manga „Abikore“ and the continued success of the Yo-kai Watch franchise have sparked excitement and anticipation among fans. Both the manga and the franchise as a whole have captivated audiences with their imaginative worlds, endearing characters, and captivating storytelling.

Fans eagerly await each new installment to see what new adventures and surprises await. The community continues to engage in lively discussions and speculation, further enriching the experience of being a fan of these beloved creations.

As the legacy of Yo-kai Watch continues to grow, the future looks bright for both Noriyuki Konishi and the franchise. Fans can look forward to more manga releases, anime episodes, and video games that will bring joy and entertainment for years to come.

Are you a fan of Noriyuki Konishi’s work or the Yo-kai Watch franchise? What are your thoughts on the new manga „Abikore“? Share your experiences and expectations in the comments below!


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