Xseed Games hat einen neuen Trailer für das RPG-Spiel „Silent Hope“ von Marvelous veröffentlicht. Der Trailer zeigt die sieben Helden des Spiels. Zudem hat Xseed Games den „Offiziellen Weltführer“ online gestellt, eine Ressource für die Welt und die Charaktere des Spiels. „Silent Hope“ wird am 28. September in Japan für die Switch und am 3. Oktober im Westen für die Switch und den PC über Steam veröffentlicht. Das Spiel wird als isometrischer Dungeon-Crawler mit modernem Flair beschrieben, in dem die Spieler die tragische Welt von Silent Hope erkunden, kämpfen und Gegenstände herstellen. Das Spiel findet in derselben Welt wie Marvelous‘ Rune Factory-Serie statt. Das Anime-Studio A-1 Pictures hat das Eröffnungsvideo für Silent Hope erstellt und die Rockband Kami wa Saikoro o Furanai performt den Titelsong „Division“.

Reactions and Expectations

The release of the new trailer for Silent Hope has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation among gaming enthusiasts. The combination of isometric dungeon-crawling gameplay and a modern twist has intrigued players who are looking for a fresh and immersive gaming experience. The diverse group of heroes showcased in the trailer has also sparked curiosity, as players wonder how their unique powers and abilities will affect gameplay and strategy.

The launch of the „Official World Guide“ online resource has been well-received by fans, as it provides them with additional information about the game’s lore, geography, and characters. This resource allows players to delve deeper into the Silent Hope world and fully immerse themselves in its narrative. The detailed insights provided by the Official World Guide have garnered praise from players who appreciate the attention to detail and the effort put into creating a rich and expansive game universe.

Players are particularly excited about the release of Silent Hope on multiple platforms. The game’s availability on both the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam ensures that a wider audience can enjoy the game. This inclusivity is welcomed by players who have different gaming preferences or may not have access to specific gaming consoles. The multi-platform release also indicates Marvelous‘ commitment to reaching as many players as possible and making Silent Hope accessible to a diverse gaming community.

The connection between Silent Hope and the Rune Factory series has generated excitement among fans of the franchise. The opportunity to explore familiar settings and encounter references to the Rune Factory universe adds an extra layer of nostalgia and enjoyment for longtime fans. This connection has also sparked interest from players who may be unfamiliar with the Rune Factory series, as they are intrigued to discover more about the world-building and storytelling that connects the two games.

The collaboration with A-1 Pictures, a renowned anime studio, and the inclusion of the theme song by Kami wa Saikoro o Furanai have generated positive reactions from players. The visually stunning opening animation created by A-1 Pictures sets the tone for the game and immerses players in the Silent Hope world from the very beginning. The energetic and captivating theme song adds to the overall gaming experience, further enhancing the immersion and excitement players feel as they embark on their Silent Hope adventure.

Overall, the release of the new trailer for Silent Hope and the accompanying announcements have created a significant buzz among gamers. The combination of unique gameplay, detailed world-building, and collaborations with talented artists and studios has elevated players‘ expectations for the game. As the release dates draw near, the gaming community eagerly awaits the opportunity to step into the tragic and immersive world of Silent Hope.


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